Child Support Enforcement Unit  
Colbert County Courthouse (Basement) 
201 N. Main Street  
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674

(256) 383-8002

Jennifer Painter 
Lennie Gamble
Junea Thompson

Joe Munday 
Polly T. Ruggles

The Child Support Enforcement Unit provides legal representation for the Department of Human Resources (DHR) on behalf of its IV-D child support clients in the establishment and enforcement of paternity and child support. ALL requests should be made through DHR.

Individuals having physical or legal custody of a minor child whose parents are not residing with or properly supporting the minor child may become IV-D clients of the DHR in the county where they reside with the minor child. Colbert County, Alabama, residents may contact Colbert County DHR by calling (256) 314-4900, between the hours of 8:00 and 10:30 a.m., or writing to DHR at P.O. Box 30, Tuscumbia, Alabama, 35674.

DHR will schedule the client for an interview, certify them in the State DHR computer system, and refer the case to the District Attorney's Child Support Enforcement Unit for processing through the court system with no court costs or attorney fees for the client. If the client already has a court order for the non-custodial parent to pay child support, DHR will maintain an official payment record receipting and disbursing payments and requesting enforcement or modification when necessary.

The DHR child support computer system maintains a running calculation of child support arrearages and interest at the rate of 12% APR, the legal rate of interest on judgments in the State of Alabama. In addition, DHR automatically certifies cases with the IRS for income refund offset, and accesses data from various sources for location of assets, employment information, and the current address on non-custodial parents who fail to properly support their minor children.

IV-D DHR clients may inquire about the status of their child support payments by telephoning the Alabama Child Support Hot-line at 1-800-284-4347, 24 hours a day. A social security number is required to access their account.

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